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Evansville, Indiana roofing, siding, gutter, and window tips straight from the experts.  Find out what what to look for in a roof, how to select a local Evansville contractor, details of proper siding installation, and more!

Recommended Roofing Materials

When deciding on a new roof, make sure to include all the manufacturer recommended components. Each shingle manufacturer may have slightly different names, but most require specific components to meet warranty requirements. If the recommended materials are not used...

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Roofing In The Winter

Southern Indiana weather can be a challenge for any trade that spends its time outdoors. Roofers in particular are exposed to the elements, ranging from triple digits in the summer to snow in the winter. But when is the best time to get a roof in Evansville? Below are...

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Owens Corning Duration Shingle Options

Chapman Construction is proud to be an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor. This certification allows us to provide all of our customers with advanced warranty coverage. This extended warranty provides a full 50 years of non-prorated material and labor coverage for your investment. The install makes all the difference on any shingle and choosing the Owens Corning Duration is a great compliment to any home.

Why Chapman Construction recommends Duration:

The Duration line of shingles provides exceptional color options, protection and longevity. But it’s the parts you don’t see, that makes it our choice, for your next roof. Take for example their patented SureNail Technology, which helps to provide wind resistance up to 130 mph! Along with Tru-Bond sealant and Triple Layer Protection, Owens Corning Duration should be considered on your next roofing install.

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Evansville Exterior Contractor Project

Chapman Construction is proud to be an Evansville exterior remodeling contractor. We are equipped to serve the greater Evansville, Indiana area with professional roofing, siding, and seamless gutter installation. Our employees are highly trained and driven to provide...

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Chapman Construction Is Hiring!

Chapman Construction is looking to hire an experienced shingler in the Evansville, In area. We need a roofer who is looking for full time work and interested in joining an exceptional and growing local business.

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Roofing Warranty Made Simple

Warranties can be very difficult to understand exactly what’s covered. This article will help explain the differences between roof warranties and what coverage to expect. Different shingle manufacturers have different roof warranty coverage, so we will focus on our...

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New Roof, New Components

Chapman Construction focuses on providing a complete roof system on every home we touch. Every home is unique, so a complete roof can mean different things. Part of our job is to identify problems while we are roofing and address them before the job is complete. Roofs do not consist of shingles alone, this article will cover other components that we recommend replacing during a new roof install.

Chimneys are very common in Evansville, so when we install a new roof, we always insist on reflashing. This process includes Weather Watch Ice and Water Shield installed directly to the decking around the chimney, new metal step flashing, and cutting into the brick or stone to recess the counter flash. This reduces future problems, by addressing the leak prone area while we replace your shingles.

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Siding Remodel in Evansville

Updating the vinyl siding on a home is a great way to add curb appeal. Like other products, vinyl siding has improved over the years and we are proud to offer a wide range of siding types and quality levels. We offer installation of traditional lap siding, dutch lap, board and batten, and shake. By combining different types it’s possible to add character to your home and achieve the design you are looking for.

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Roofing Around A Chimney

In roofing, each house is unique and requires special attention to areas that are considered leak prone, which includes chimneys. A chimney can be found in different locations on a roof, which each require different attention, to ensure water does not penetrate the roof line. A chimney in the middle of a roof, at the bottom of a roof, or in a valley all require special techniques to ensure long lasting water protection.

Chapman Construction specializes in properly sealing chimneys with step flashing, counter flashing, and in some cases building custom valleys to divert the water flow. The building up of the roof line, is called a Cricket or saddle. This new ridge is added to a roof to keep water from pooling up against the chimney, where it would be more likely to leak inside the home.

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