For some this can be either the easiest or toughest decision of the roof replacement process. Whether you are looking to match the shingle that is currently on the roof, or you are looking for a new look for your home there are many ways to find the perfect shingle for your home.

Matching the shingle is a fairly easy process of either comparing actual samples of new shingles to the old roof or choosing a shingle that has similar color blends to what the original roof had. Picking a new look or color to the roof is easy when we can use special programs to provide a close simulation of what the new shingle will look like. Owens Corning and GAF both have programs that you can upload a picture of your home to simulate different shingle options on your home.

We at Chapman Construction are happy to help with generating a simulation that will be a close version of the new shingle. Another option is looking at roofs we have installed in the past to see how the shingle looks in person. This option is our favorite way to pick shingle colors since it is a real representation of the shingle in natural light. Also it shows our high quality of craftsmanship.

With the many choices of shingle colors on the market let us at Chapman Construction help you find the perfect shingle for your new roof. So give us a call now to set up an appointment with one of our estimators and find out why your next roof should be a Chapman roof. Our office number is (812) 760-7126.