equipterRecently, we purchased a new tool that helps us serve our customers better.  Meet the Equipter, a piece of equipment that will allow us to install and tear off old roofs without leaving signs that we had even been around.

Just imagine a new roof, without the hassle of finding nails laying in your yard.  How about the landscaping around your home that you worked so hard on, this equipment will allow us to get close without tearing anything up.  It’s a tool we can use, to make sure our customers are satisfied even after the job is done.

The Equipter is designed by roofers, for roofing companies.  It excels at a number of things, but how it relates to customers is it’s ability to reduce debris.  The Equipter uses hydraulics to raise up to 11ft high, with sides that extend to catch any falling shingles or roofing nails.

Our new equipment also has the ability to maneuver into tight spots.  Customers don’t have to worry about us tearing up their delicate landscaping.  The Equipter can easily drive right up and raise it’s buggy over and toward your home, without stepping in your lilly’s.

This simple investment shows our customers how important their satisfaction is to Chapman.  We always make sure we use the highest quality materials, expertly trained employees, and advanced equipment to complete every job.  Find out how you can get a new Chapman Construction roof by calling us today.