Evansville Roofing IconA new roof can provide safety and security for your home and family. However, a roof does not consist of shingles alone, but many roofing components that create a barrier to the weather, while allowing harmful elements to escape your attic and home. It’s important for any roofer to understand the components they work with, to ensure that your home’s HVAC and other ventilation is properly installed.

All roofing penetrations must be suitably removed, installed, and inspected when you receive a new roof. This includes common pvc vents, furnace flues, and chimneys that must all be either replaced or repaired. When having a new roof installed, confirm with the contractor that the vent boots are being replaced and properly sealed. For furnace flues, make sure the roofing contractor understands the components they are working with, to allow the proper ventilation of harmful gasses. And for chimneys, confirm that the flashing will be replaced for tear-offs, with new install of step and counter flashing.


Installing chimney flashing.

Probably the most important ventilation point in a home is the furnace flue, which is required to vent out harmful gasses like carbon monoxide. If a flue must be replaced or adjusted due to damage or a new roof install, understanding how the components interlock is top priority.  If the flue is not properly venting, the carbon monoxide becomes trapped in the attic space and eventually back into the home. This can cause harmful effects to your family and requires immediate attention. There are a number of different flue caps that exist and understanding each one, depending on the age of your home, is important to provide a complete and safe roof installation.

Choosing a roofing contractor that is experienced should be a top priority when comparing roof estimates. It’s not just a shingle that makes up a roof, but all roofing components that work together to lengthen the lifespan of your roof and protect your family. Chapman Construction understands these concerns and is trained to provide a high quality installation that will last for years to come.