As the weather is getting colder we are asked if we can install a roof in cold weather. With the special steps that we take at Chapman Construction you can install a new roof in cold weather with full shingle warranty and workmanship guarantee. On every roof project, we six nail each shingle in the designated nailing area. This ensures that the shingle is installed properly and that the roofing system has the highest wind rating possible even during colder temperatures. Doing this in cold weather also helps with the sealing of the shingle by securing the shingle with two more nails than most shingle manufacturers minimum nail amount. 

For shingles to seal properly, they require direct sunlight and not necessarily just heat or warm air to seal completely. While warmer weather does help with the shingles to be more pliable during installation, direct sunlight is what helps to seal and settle the shingles down. 

During cold weather installation we at Chapman Construction keep certain products like ice and water shield in front of heat source for proper installation. Whether it’s inside a heated garage or inside one of our trucks with the heat on, we keep them at the proper installation temperature so we can install the entire roofing system.

Colder weather is a great time to have a new roof installed. During a warm weather install the shingles will scar easier than in a cold weather install and after the sun seals the roof the end project will have a cleaner look. At Chapman Construction we install all year round as long as the temperature is above the recommended degree from the shingle manufacturer. So give Chapman Construction a call for a free, no hassle, inspection and estimate on a brand new roof!