When deciding on a new roof, make sure to include all the manufacturer recommended components. Each shingle manufacturer may have slightly different names, but most require specific components to meet warranty requirements. If the recommended materials are not used during installation, your extended warranty may be void. Below are a list of roofing materials that Chapan Construction uses on Owens Corning Duration shingle installs.

Deck Protection
After a clean tear off down to the decking, Chapman Construction protects the deck with a synthetic underlayment. 30# felt is a viable option, but for Owens Corning installs we prefer to use ProArmor. This roof underlayment has slip resistant features that provide a safer install for our workers. In addition, it is designed to repel moisture and provide exceptional protection to water infiltration.

Starter Strip
Every roof requires a starting strip of shingles, that are used on the eaves and rakes of your home. We utilize Owens Corning own brand of starter strips, that help seal the edges of your roof and provide up to 130 mph of wind protection.

Drip Edge
Because we tear off down to the decking, we always change out the aluminum drip edge around your roof. This piece of metal is replaced on the eaves and rakes of your home.

Roofing Materials

Illustration of different roofing materials.

Ice and Water Shield
Depending on where you live, ice and water shield can be required by code. Although not required by code in Vanderburgh County, Chapman Construction always uses it around leak prone areas. Valleys, around dormers and siding walls, and even around vent boots should have an ice and water shield for extra protection. Our preferred brand is Owens Corning Weather Lock-G, which provides seals around nails and acts as an extra waterproofing barrier.

Hip and Ridge Shingles
Chapman Construction recommends ProEdge hip and ridge cap shingles to be used on your home. They are designed to be used on the hips and ridges, color matched to your shingle choice, and perforated for ease of installation.

Ridge Vent
Intake and exhaust ventilation are important to the longevity of your roof. If a home is designed with enough ridge, we always recommend the installation of ridge ventilation. This is installed by cutting in 1” ½ on either side of the ridge and then capping in the ventilation component. Chapman Construction recommends the use of the Owens Corning Sky Runner product line.

Shingle Type
Shingle selection is probably the most important item you will need to decide on, in your roofing project. Chapman recommends Owens Corning Duration shingles, because of their exceptional 50 year warranty and Sure Nail nail line. They install easily, are manufactured to withstand Southern Indiana weather and cosmetically appealing to almost any home. Owens Corning Duration shingles and roofing accessories combined with Chapman Construction install processes can provide you with a 50 year non-prorated material and labor warranty.

Chapman Construction knows what it takes to install a long lasting roof and the materials that go along with it. We provide free estimates and would be happy to answer any roofing related questions you might have, to help in you making an informed decision on which Evansville roofing contractor to choose.