Evansville Roofing IconIn roofing, each house is unique and requires special attention to areas that are considered leak prone, which includes chimneys. A chimney can be found in different locations on a roof, which each require different attention, to ensure water does not penetrate the roof line. A chimney in the middle of a roof, at the bottom of a roof, or in a valley all require special techniques to ensure long lasting water protection.

Chapman Construction specializes in properly sealing chimneys with step flashing, counter flashing, and in some cases building custom valleys to divert the water flow. The building up of the roof line, is called a Cricket or saddle. This new ridge is added to a roof to keep water from pooling up against the chimney, where it would be more likely to leak inside the home.

Chimneys positioned at the low side of the roof, along the eave, typically requires the addition of a cricket. A chimney that is located at the peak or ridge of the roof, does not always require this additional protection. In addition, just because your roof may not have a cricket now, it may be recommended to provide the best long term protection against the elements.

roof cricket

Another step in protecting your chimney from leaking is the use of Weather Watch Ice and Water Shield. This is a GAF product that is 100% water tight and applied directly to the decking around the chimney. The entire process uses decking, ice and water shield, step flashing, shingles, then counter flashing to provide many layers of water protection.


If you are having problems with a leaking chimney, give Chapman Construction a call. We are a GAF Master Elite Certified roofing company covering Evansville, Newburgh, Owensboro, and Henderson.