Evansville Roofing IconWarranties can be very difficult to understand exactly what’s covered. This article will help explain the differences between roof warranties and what coverage to expect. Different shingle manufacturers have different roof warranty coverage, so we will focus on our leading installed shingle made by GAF, the Timberline HD.

Chapman Construction installs more Timberline HD shingles than any other brand, because of GAFs extensive warranty coverage and high quality materials. In addition, Timberline HD shingles are made right here in Indiana, with some components coming from as close as Mt Vernon, IN. Being from Evansville, Indiana we like to source our materials from as close as possible and GAF fits within that goal.

Standard Lifetime Roofing System Limited Warranty

The Timberline HD line of shingles come standard with a limited lifetime warranty. This means, for as long as you own your home, the shingles will be covered under warranty. However, this coverage is limited by 10 years, meaning that after 10 years the actual payout will be prorated. A prorated replacement cost is then accessed on materials only, after the 10 years from the time of install. Each year after that 10 year mark, GAF will pay less and less of the overall material replacement cost for manufacturer defects.

Within the first 10 years of install, your roof is guaranteed free of defects. GAF will cover full replacement cost of both materials and labor for the first 10 years of coverage.

Master Elite Certified Weather Stopper System Plus Warranty

GAF WarrantyBecause Chapman Construction is Master Elite Certified, by GAF, we can offer the Weather Stopper System Plus Warranty. This premium warranty coverage extends the standard 10 year full start coverage to 50 years of protection.

The shingles still carry a lifetime replacement, but the prorated start does not become a factor for 50 years. Having Chapman Construction install your Timberline HD roof provides you with a full 50 years of coverage, labor and materials for any manufacturer defects.

Golden Pledge Warranty

Only Master Elite Certified contractors are able to offer the GAF Golden Pledge Warranty. This top of the line coverage allows for 50 years of manufacturer defects and 25 years of workmanship coverage. This means, if for any reason, you have a problem with your roof, GAF will cover the costs to have it fixed. This includes things like flashing, that normally would not be included within a normal warranty period.

Included in the Golden Pledge Warranty is a certified document and inspection by a GAF representative. This 3 hour inspection is done by GAF, where every aspect of your roof is covered and certified as properly installed. This is the highest warranty available on Timberline HD shingles and recommended for anyone looking for maximum coverage.

Algae Discoloration

Roof stains are a separate component to the standard roof warranty. Timberline HD shingles guarantee no staining for 10 years after installation. GAF will pay the cost for commercially cleaning your shingles, if staining were to occur.

What Are Manufacturer Defects

A defect is described as a failure of the roofing components that adversely affect their performance, which would cause leaks within their coverage period. Defects can include premature granule loss, shingles cracking, or bad seals due to premature adhesive breakdown.

What Are Roof Component Failures Not Covered By Warranty

Timberline HD shingles come with a 130 mph wind guarantee, wind causing blow off above 130 mph would not be covered under warranty. In addition, damaged caused by storms, debris like limbs, or ice are not covered under the GAF manufacturer warranty. Typically these problems are covered under your homeowners insurance and are not linked with a manufacturer defect.

Transferring Roof Warranty

The Weather Stopper System Plus Warranty can be transferred one time within the coverage period. This is a free transfer and adds value to your home, in case you were to sell. Transferring the warranty simply requires paperwork detailing the transfer date and information about the new home owner.

Warranty Qualification

GAF Weather Stopper System Plus Warranty and Golden Pledge Warranty require the use of a certain number of GAF components to qualify. A complete roof system requires more than just the shingles to maximize coverage. Chapman Construction is happy to assist, by making recommendations on the products we install the most and help your new roof qualify for the leading residential roof warranty.

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