Chapman Construction is able to provide all your roofing and siding needs, which includes soffit repair and installation. With the strong winds that have ravished the tri-state area, it’s possible your soffit has been damaged, detached, or simply needs updating.

The soffit, also known as eaves, are the underside of your roof that hangs off the side of your house, from the extension of the roof. Typically they are aluminum panels and can aid in venting your attic space. Venting through the soffit can help reduce moisture and protect your home in the attic.



Along with reducing moisture, soffits also provide significant benefits during summer and winter months. During the summer they vent the attic, helping to mitigate heat build up. This ventilation can help reduce energy costs by lowering the need for air conditioning. When it gets cold during the winter months, soffit vents help keep the roof cold. This reduces the melting of snow, that may accumulate, keeping the water from running into your gutters and refreezing.

Soffit vents work by allowing fresh air to be drawn into the attic from underneath the roof line around your home. The fresh air is then pulled through the attic and expelled through other forms of vents on the roof. Typical roof vent types are turbine, box, mushroom, and soldier vents. These are required when utilizing a soffit vent, to properly remove moisture.

Please feel free to call Chapman Construction with any soffit repair or installation questions. We are able to provide a free quote and professional installation, as this work is not subbed out to other contractors. We specialize in roofing, siding, gutter, soffit installation and repair in Evansville and the surrounding area.


Chris Chapman works alongside his crews everyday to ensure that every job is completed to the highest standards. Chapman Construction is a GAF certified Master Elite roofing company in Evansville, IN.