The horrible wind that ripped through Evansville last week has left many people looking for new leaks in their roof. We’d be happy to help, but if you are inclined to find the problem yourself, here are a few places to check first. Before you start, remember to take all safety precautions.

Leaks tend to form in a number of places, which may not be immediately obvious. Anywhere there is flashing is a good place to start looking. Caulking underneath flashing, next to plumbing, chimneys or vent collars could have easily been pulled up in the 120 mph wind. Caulking the seams may be necessary.

To repair, make sure you clean and remove all old adhesive. This will allow the new bead of caulk to create a strong bond, filling in any gaps. Replacing flashing will help with any small leaks that may only appear in heavy rains or strong storms.

Rubber collars can also become brittle over time, replacement may be necessary. While the wind alone might not have caused these to leak, over time the elements will have caused hairline cracks, allowing water to soak through. Don’t try to repair the rubber collars or sleeves, completely replace with new parts.

Need a licensed and certified roofing company in Evansville? Chapman Construction can come out and temporarily tarp your roof, even while these continuing rains roll through. As a GAF Master Elite certified roofer, we are qualified to repair roofs, even when full replacement may not be necessary. Give us a call for a free quote, so we can give you peace of mind in this stormy season.

Chris Chapman works alongside his crews everyday to ensure that every job is completed to the highest standards. Chapman Construction is a GAF certified Master Elite roofing company in Evansville, IN.