If you have a roof, you had better have gutters. These troughs, which run along the edges of your roof, are what allows you to properly keep water away from your home. But not all gutters are the same, there are different widths, accessories and materials. So what gutters are the best for your house?

First, let’s look at the application and in this case the Evansville area. Our rainfall per year can vary from 3 to 5” per month, the most rainfall occurring in May. While not an excessive amount of water, it’s enough to make sure your biggest investment, your home is well protected. This protection will include a quality gutter product, professionally installed, to maximize it’s ability to drain water and channel it away from your homes foundation.

So we’ve established we need gutters, so what materials are used in gutter manufacturing? Although not typical, wood and copper are available. Steel, aluminum, and vinyl are the most common gutter materials used. This is due to their cost effectiveness and durability, providing the highest value for your money.

Gutter Material

what gutters are bestWhen choosing Steel over Aluminum, consider their durability. A steel gutter will withstand the force of a ladder or tree branch hitting them. While aluminum is not as robust, they are durable and can often be ‘bent back’ if they incur minor damage. The biggest reason to go with aluminum over steel gutters, is the fact that they do not rust. So keep longevity and looks in mind when choosing the best gutter material for your application.

Another consideration, when choosing gutters, is whether or not you will be going with seamless or sectional. Although sectional can be easier to install, especially for do-it-yourselfers, a seamless gutter will withstand leaking, much longer. Because seamless is a continuous piece, you also have fewer accessories to worry about or purchase. The standard hangers, endcaps, and downspout attachments will complete the installation.

Gutters and Shapes

Did you know that gutters also come in different shapes? There are U shaped gutters, K designs, and more, but these shapes typically only matter for aesthetic purposes. What’s more important is the size of the downspouts, which must be sized to meet water demands. It’s also important to size downspouts larger, if you live in a leafy area. Clogs can be avoided if your gutter is installed properly and your downspouts are large enough to accommodate debris.

Next, gutters come in a variety of colors. In regards to steel and aluminum gutters, the color is baked on at the factory. This keeps the gutters from losing it’s color, chipping, or looking worn, allowing many years of colorful life. Gutter color should be considered when blending or complementing your home’s look and presence.

Gutter Installation

So what gutters are best? The answer is a complicated one and an answer that can only be named after careful consideration is given to the needs of the buyer. Cost, look, and requirements for sizing will play a role in deciding which gutter is best for your home. But, now that you know what options are available, give us a call and let us help you make the right decision. We’ll help you choose a gutter that meets budget, is pleasing to the eye, and functions to meet your individual demands. Then, our trained and experienced crews will perform the installation, ensuring a long and functional life.  Call Chapman now at 812-7607126 to setup a free estimate and consultation.