All home owner policies are different, but this article will help explain what questions to ask, to find out what, if any roof damage is covered by your insurance policy.  The best way to know for sure, is to call your agent and ask what damage is covered, from vandalism, to fires, or acts of God like tornadoes or hail.

Typically roof damage is covered by most insurance policies in the case of tornadoes, strong winds, and hail.  However, how much of the cost is covered usually depends on the age  and type of roof.  For example, the life expectancy of asphalt roofs is 20 years, so if the damage occurs after 10 years you will only receive a prorated payout amount.  The size of your deductible could also play a factor in whether insurance will cover the full cost of repairs.

The next thing to consider is the percentage of your roof that has sustained damage.  It might be cheaper to simply replace your roof, rather than patch or repair portions of it.  Depending on the age, it may make more sense to go with a complete replacement, for peace of mind and long term cost savings.

You Have Roof Damage, What Steps Should You Take

roof damage

Roof damage caused by strong winds.

First thing you should do is contact your insurance provider and let them know that your home has sustained damage.  It’s important to take photos and have a trained inspector come out to identify any damage that may not be obvious from the ground.  Wind and water damage can necessitate replacement of underlayment, driving the cost of repair and replacement up.  This information should be identified before the insurance company authorizes payment.

Usually, the insurance inspector will come out and verify damage has been done and then request one or more quotes be completed.  The agent can recommend a roofer in your area or you can call Chapman Construction direct.  As a trained and experienced Evansville roofing company, we are able to assist with quoting and facilitating any questions you might have about the roof repair or roof replacement process.

How Chapman Construction Can Help With Your Roof Damage Needs

Chapman Construction provides professional tarp placement, to protect your home while waiting on insurance adjusters.  By providing timely service and quality repairs, you know your largest investment is in good hands.  Chapman can also assist in recommending the type of roof and shingles needed to minimize damage in the future, based on your particular homes needs and looks.  As a local roofing company, Chapman has experienced estimators that work alongside insurance companies to provide timely and quality service.

It’s recommended that you regularly take ‘BEFORE’ pictures of your home, in the case that an insurance claim is required.  If any new construction takes place, be sure to update your portfolio.  These ‘before’ pictures of proof can help facilitate and ease the pain of filing with insurance.  Remember, Chapman Construction is available to help ensure a smooth claims process and we always offer free quotation.

Chris Chapman is owner and operator of Chapman Construction LLC. Chris works alongside his crews everyday to ensure that every job is completed to the highest standards. Chapman Construction is a GAF certified Master Elite roofing company in Evansville, IN.