A roof is a necessary component of every home and unfortunately, they also require maintenance and replacement.  Thankfully, modern roofs can last up to 20 years, depending on the quality of materials used and the quality of the install.  But if you need a  repair or replacement sooner than you thought, here are some questions you should have asked your last Evansville roofer.

1. Are you insured?

Using an insured company is a must and should be your number one priority when considering a roofer.  Accidents happen, including damage to people and property.  The roofing company should be covered, thus protecting the home owner.  Costly accidents can happen, knowing the contractor performing the work can cover the cost of any mishaps, will help ease the stress of needing work done.

2. Do you and your employees have experience?

roof questionBelieve it or not, there are roofing contractors that follow storms and fly by night.  While we hope these types of companies stay out of Evansville, there is always the chance.  You should always ask about experience and even look for local referrals.  Furthermore, the actual workers installing the roof may not be as experienced as the salesman at your door, so ask about the crews as well.

3. How long before the roof repair or installation can begin and complete?

Just because a sales person is at your door, does not mean work can begin immediately.  It’s important to find out how long it will take before work can start.  In addition, depending on how large your roof is, it may take a few days for the roofer to complete.  Find out exact time frames, to know if your expectations can be met.  And if they can’t be met, be sure to find out contingency plans available, which leads to our next question.

4. What can you do to protect my home now?

A good quality roofer will protect your home investment, while waiting on the work to be done.  You can’t roof in the rain, but protection can be put into place, like a tarp.  Temporary tarping of your roof will prevent further damage to your home and potentially reduce the amount of work that needs to be completed.

5. Is this Chapman Construction?

Another priority on any check list when looking for Evansville roofers.  Your next roof repair or installation should be done by Chapman Construction.  We are able to provide answers to all your questions, to make sure your next roofing experience is a positive one.  Call us to find out how we can help and ease the stress of needing construction done.  Our roofing quotes and estimates are free and include no hassle consultation.