Evansville Roof Replacement

Considering getting a new roof and not just a patch job?  Let’s look at the top 5 signs that indicate it’s time to simply replace your roof and enjoy the long term savings and investment.

1. Leaking With Water Damage

Ok, so maybe this is a given.  If you are getting water inside your home, it’s time to do a thorough check of not just the problem location but your entire roof.  Unless there was an obvious puncture to your shingles and decking, more leaks are likely right around the corner.  Leaking problems can also be compounded by having a complicated roof line or a previous roofing installation that was less than perfect.

2. Pipes, vents, and chimneys have lose shingles or sealing.

Anywhere on your roof where there is a penetration, is a potential leak.  Typically the sealant around these areas will not last as long as the roof.  Depending on how well they were repaired over the years, may make things worse or at least harder to find the problem target area.  Consider having the roof replaced, instead of calling out a roofer multiple times to hopefully find a onerous leak.

3. Asphalt Shingle Grain In Gutters

It’s normal to have a few gray or black grains in your gutters over the years.  However, if you are getting a lot or larger grains building up, it’s a sign of advanced wear.  The time to replace your roof is right around the corner, so start shopping now before you are caught in an emergency.  A legitimate roofer will be able to access the level of wear and offer a quote based on a time and need of replacement.

4. Decking Rot

Looking at the outside of your roof may not be enough to assess a roofing problem.  A small leak could go undetected, but still cause damage to the decking.  Inspect the decking under your shingles from the attic.  Keep in mind water will travel from a higher up leak down the decking to a lower or harder to see area in your attic.  If you have any rot, it’s time to replace.

5. Shingles Without Asphalt

Have some shingles that are completely worn bald?  This is a sign that it’s time to replace your roof.  The protection provided by an asphalt shingle has been spent if there is no more grains left.  This can be accelerated by tree limbs or other debris resting on your roof line, so it’s important to keep trees trimmed.

Chapman Construction and the National Roofing Contractors Association recommends inspecting your roof in the Spring and Fall, every year.  Finding a potential problem early can prevent you from needing a complete roof replacement.  Not sure if you need roof repair or roof replacement, call Chapman Construction in Evansville, IN.  We are happy to provide a no hassle and honest quote, at no cost to you.

Chris Chapman works alongside his crews everyday to ensure that every job is completed to the highest standards. Chapman Construction is a GAF certified Master Elite roofing company in Evansville, IN.