Algae on Asphalt Shingles

Algae Growth on roof shingles

Are you starting to notice some discoloration on your roofing shingles? This is caused by Algae growth and will happen in any hot and humid environments. Last summer our weather in Evansville provided plenty of opportunity for Algae to thrive on the roofs of our homes. Although it doesn’t cause damage to your roof, it is unsightly. Thankfully, there are things you can do as a homeowner to clean up the mess and restore your roofs good looks.

1.) If you have any moss or heavy Algae growth, be sure to scrub the shingles with a brush. Don’t be too rough, as you do not want to damage your shingles.

2.) Next, spray wash the roof with a solution of 50% bleach to 50% water. This will kill the Algae and wash away any residue. Do NOT use a power washer, as this can very easily damage your asphalt shingles.

3.) Prevention, if algae is a problem, you can install zinc or copper strips at the peak of your roof. The idea is that as it rains, the water will take metal molecules from the strips and coat your shingles on the way to the gutter. Zinc and Copper will kill Algae and inhibit growth, lengthening the time required between cleanings.

If it’s time for repair or replacement of your roof, you may consider going with a particular type of shingle. There are special asphalt shingles with copper pieces mixed in, which would stop algae growth. In addition, you could mask the look of the algae growth by choosing a much darker shingle color. We’ve talked before about shingle colors that are available and what color roofs are recommended in Evansville.

Please remember to be safe in any roofing project. Particularly when cleaning a roof, the wet surface can become very dangerous. Take all safety precautions before the project begins or simply call us at Chapman Construction to see how we can help.

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