Evansville Roofing IconChapman Construction focuses on providing a complete roof system on every home we touch. Every home is unique, so a complete roof can mean different things. Part of our job is to identify problems while we are roofing and address them before the job is complete. Roofs do not consist of shingles alone, this article will cover other components that we recommend replacing during a new roof install.

Chimneys are very common in Evansville, so when we install a new roof, we always insist on reflashing. This process includes Weather Watch Ice and Water Shield installed directly to the decking around the chimney, new metal step flashing, and cutting into the brick or stone to recess the counter flash. This reduces future problems, by addressing the leak prone area while we replace your shingles.

Next are vent pipes, which can be found on every home. These white PVC pipes penetrate the roof and require boots and collars to eliminate leak threats. The first step is to cut a square of Ice and Water Shield, penetrate over the pipe and seal directly to the decking. Next, we always replace the boots and rubber collars. Replacing these common roof maintenance components ensure your new roof stays water tight for years to come.

skylight replacementLastly, skylights provide a unique challenge when replacing a roof. These are replaced on an as needed basis. However, we typically recommend replacement, if the skylight is at least 7-10 years old. The seals on the glass typically need to be replaced at this point, which can be identified by cloudiness between the glass. Generally we replace skylights on any new roof we install, due to the longevity of shingles vs the life of a skylight. When possible we install quality Velux deck mount and curb mount skylights.

Identifying these key maintenance areas of a roof is what allows us to provide a complete and accurate estimate. During the initial inspection we can help you decide if certain components, not necessarily included in all roof bids, need to be replaced and advise on cost. The extra steps to identify and then replace key components of a roof will allow for years of trouble and worry free enjoyment of your home.

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