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About Chapman Construction

Chapman Construction is an Evansville roofing contractor, which specializes in roofing, seamless gutter, and siding.  We focus on providing quality materials matched with skilled workers, to provide an exceptional finished product.

It doesn’t cost anything to find out if we can assist in your home improvement needs.  We offer free quotes and strive to deliver a competitive price within 48 hours.  Chapman Construction wants to become your #1 choice as an Evansville roofer and have proudly been roofing Evansville since 2009.

Chapman Construction is a Veteran Owned Small Business, certified GAF Master Elite Roofer and member of the Southwestern Indiana Builders Association. Chapman Construction covers the Tri-State area, including Evansville, Newburgh, Henderson, and Owensboro.

High Quality Materials
As an Owens Corning Platinum Preferred installer, we know it’s important to use the right materials.  Matching the parts of a complete roof system, to maximize warranty and create a beautiful presentation is what sets Chapman Construction apart from the competition.  Like a lock that’s only as good as the door you put it on, the processes Chapman Construction uses compliment the material quality of Owens Corning.
Expert Installers
Chapman Construction maintains full time and expertly trained crews.  We maintain Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Certification, which less than 3% of roofers in the US qualify for.  It’s the difference between just getting a roof and getting the right roof that protects your home, compliments the beauty of your architecture, and protects your landscaping.
Exceptional Warranty
When getting a new roof from Chapman Construction, whether it’s a GAF or Owens Corning, rest assured you are getting an exceptional warranty. Most of our installs come with a 50 year non-prorated material and labor manufacturer warranty, and it’s transferable!

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Getting information is easy and we are happy to answer any roofing, siding, gutter, or window questions you might have.  From new home construction to tear-off and installation, Chapman Construction is there to help with your Evansville roofing and home improvement needs.
Installing a Chapman Roof

Recommended Roofing Materials

When deciding on a new roof, make sure to include all the manufacturer recommended components. Each shingle manufacturer may have slightly different names, but most require specific components to meet warranty requirements. If the recommended materials are not used during installation, your extended warranty may be void. Below are a list of roofing materials that Chapan Construction uses on Owens Corning Duration shingle installs.

Deck Protection
After a clean tear off down to the decking, Chapman Construction protects the deck with a synthetic underlayment. 30# felt is a viable option, but for Owens Corning installs we prefer to use ProArmor. This roof underlayment has slip resistant features that provide a safer install for our workers. In addition, it is designed to repel moisture and provide exceptional protection to water infiltration.

Starter Strip
Every roof requires a starting strip of shingles, that are used on the eaves and rakes of your home. We utilize Owens Corning own brand of starter strips, that help seal the edges of your roof and provide up to 130 mph of wind protection.

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Roofing In The Winter

Evansville roofing, Chapman Construction

Evansville roofing, Chapman Construction.

Southern Indiana weather can be a challenge for any trade that spends its time outdoors. Roofers in particular are exposed to the elements, ranging from triple digits in the summer to snow in the winter. But when is the best time to get a roof in Evansville? Below are some Pros and Cons to getting a roof in the winter versus the summer and what it can mean to your projects budget.


  • A new roof in the winter is historically cheaper than getting one in the spring and summer. Material costs have yet to go up due to manufacturer adjustments and labor costs are more competitive due to a slow down in schedule.
  • The physical installs of the shingles are typically of a higher quality, due to the lower temperatures. Chapman Construction roofs year round, and meets manufacturer recommended temperatures for asphalt shingle installs. Winter is an ideal install time, because in the summer shingles are hot and scar easily from foot traffic. A winter roof will seal in the sun and look cleaner when the project is completed.
  • All warranties and guarantees are in place during the winter, just like in a spring and summer install!
  • Roofing crews are happier in the cooler temperatures. Roofing is hard work and exhausting, cooler temperatures make for a more pleasant install. Remember, on a 90 degree day in the summer, your roof surface temperature can range from 140-168 degrees!

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Owens Corning Duration Shingle Options

Evansville Roofing IconChapman Construction is proud to be an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor. This certification allows us to provide all of our customers with advanced warranty coverage. This extended warranty provides a full 50 years of non-prorated material and labor coverage for your investment. The install makes all the difference on any shingle and choosing the Owens Corning Duration is a great compliment to any home.

Why Chapman Construction recommends Duration:

The Duration line of shingles provides exceptional color options, protection and longevity. But it’s the parts you don’t see, that makes it our choice, for your next roof. Take for example their patented SureNail Technology, which helps to provide wind resistance up to 130 mph! Along with Tru-Bond sealant and Triple Layer Protection, Owens Corning Duration should be considered on your next roofing install.

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