Evansville roofing, Chapman Construction

Evansville roofing, Chapman Construction.

Southern Indiana weather can be a challenge for any trade that spends its time outdoors. Roofers in particular are exposed to the elements, ranging from triple digits in the summer to snow in the winter. But when is the best time to get a roof in Evansville? Below are some Pros and Cons to getting a roof in the winter versus the summer and what it can mean to your projects budget.


  • A new roof in the winter is historically cheaper than getting one in the spring and summer. Material costs have yet to go up due to manufacturer adjustments and labor costs are more competitive due to a slow down in schedule.
  • The physical installs of the shingles are typically of a higher quality, due to the lower temperatures. Chapman Construction roofs year round, and meets manufacturer recommended temperatures for asphalt shingle installs. Winter is an ideal install time, because in the summer shingles are hot and scar easily from foot traffic. A winter roof will seal in the sun and look cleaner when the project is completed.
  • All warranties and guarantees are in place during the winter, just like in a spring and summer install!
  • Roofing crews are happier in the cooler temperatures. Roofing is hard work and exhausting, cooler temperatures make for a more pleasant install. Remember, on a 90 degree day in the summer, your roof surface temperature can range from 140-168 degrees!


  • When the temperature drops too low, shingles take longer to lay flat. This doesn’t affect blow-offs, because we 6 nail our shingles, but can leave lines in steeper roofs. This cosmetic effect goes away after a little while in the winter sun.
  • Roofing stops when there is snow, so flexibility in scheduling can be required. Chapman Construction utilizes crews after a snow by having them clean the roof, so that our tear-off can be completed the next day.

Now is one of the best times of the year to get a new roof. Estimates are always free, so call Chapman Construction today to find out if we are the right Evansville contractor for the job!