Siding InstallationChapman Construction provides more than just high quality roofing and gutter work, we also provide siding installation in Evansville and surrounding areas. In addition to our full time roofers, we also keep a crew fully dedicated to siding installation. From full home siding installs to small trim work, Chapman has you covered.

There are many different types of siding that can be used in beautifying your home. Chapman provides siding installation on both new home construction and remodels. Below are some of the most common types of siding that we install, which come in a variety of colors to compliment your homes design.


Clapboard Siding

Clapboard refers to the long paneling type of siding, known for it’s sharp angles. Modern clapboard siding is typically made of vinyl and comes in many different colors. Clapboard is also often referred to as Double 4, Double 5 or other number sizes depending on how many inches tall the spacing is.

Dutch Lap SidingDutch Lap Siding

Dutch Lap is very similar to clapboard style, except it adds another layer of design, softening the sharp angles. Like other vinyl siding options, there are countless color variations and the long pieces can easily be trimmed and cut to fit any installation.

Shake Siding

Shake siding is a local modern trend that helps beautify any home. Although it is vinyl, it mimics wood shakes and comes in a number of grain and roughness types, along with various color options. Installation typically costs a little more, due to it’s thickness and smaller size, this is a more labor intensive application than other siding types.

Evansville Siding Installation

Vertical Siding

This type of siding is most commonly placed on dormer’s or used on gables for breaking up a home’s design line. Like other types of siding, vertical siding comes in various color options, but costs a little more to install, due to labor requirements.

siding options

No matter which type of siding your next project requires, Chapman has skilled, full time crews dedicated to siding installation. We are happy to make recommendations to fit your home’s curb appeal, increase home value, and complete the project in a timely manner. Our professional team members clean up the job site every night when the work is completed and make sure you are completely satisfied before closing the work order.

It’s very simple to get started and just requires a call to Chapman Construction, at 812-760-7126.