New Roof Financing for GAF Customers

Sometimes, getting a new roof can be a burden on finances. Chapman Construction understands this difficulty and is now offering 100% financing on tear-off and re-roofs. Thanks to Admiral Bank’s partnership with GAF, we make it easy and fast to improve your cash flow, to get the new roof you need.

The roof financing program is a standard FHA Title I loan, with flexible term limits and rates. To get started, contact Chapman today to get a free estimate on replacing your roof in the Evansville, IN area. Or, if you have questions about financing, feel free to give us a call at 812-760-7126.

5 Questions You Didn’t Ask Your Last Roofer

5 Questions You Didn’t Ask Your Last Roofer

A roof is a necessary component of every home and unfortunately, they also require maintenance and replacement. Thankfully, modern roofs can last up to 20 years, depending on the quality of materials used and the quality of the install. But if you need a repair or replacement sooner than you thought, here are some questions you should have asked your last Evansville roofer.