Did you know you have options when picking out the color of your roof?  Where you live can often dictate what color roof to go with.  Typically, in warmer climates, light colored asphalt shingles are preferred, because they help reflect heat.  However, in colder climates, you’ll notice a darker shingle, which helps retain the heat from the sun.  Keep in mind there is no rule that locks you into a certain choice.

When picking the color of your roof, think about your surroundings.  For a more natural aesthetic, chose colors that match your homes environment.  This can be a difficult task in Southern Indiana, where we have seasons that change our environment from lush green to barren brown.  Thankfully, there are many popular colors to chose from, which can impact the overall look and feel of your home.

Ranch style homes are very popular in Evansville and GAF recommends going with a multidimensional shingle to compliment the architectural design.  Timberline High Definition is one such shingle that is available in 12 different shades and colors.  These roof color options allow you to design a roof that compliments your homes visual personality.

Popular Timberline High Definition Shingle colors available in Evansville:

Shingle Colors Charcoal Roof Hunter Green Shingles Pewter Gray Shingles Shakewood Shingle Slate Roof Color

Chapman Construction, a GAF certified Master Elite Roofer in Evansville, IN is happy to help you chose what’s right for your next roofing project.  We can provide a no cost roofing estimate and show you how you can reach your design and budget goals.

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