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Chapman Construction is a general contractor in the Evansville, IN area which specializes in gutter, siding, and roofing.  We focus on providing quality materials matched with top notch service.  Whether you need a contractor for gutter repair, roof repair, or new construction, we can deliver.

It doesn’t cost anything to find out if we can assist in your home improvement needs.  We offer free quotes and strive to deliver a competitive price within 48 hours.  Chapman Construction wants to become your #1 choice as an Evansville roofer.

Chapman Construction is a Veteran Owned Small Business, certified GAF Master Elite Roofer and member of the Southwestern Indiana Builders Association. Proudly roofing Evansville, Newburgh, Henderson and Owensboro.

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High Quality Materials

As a GAF Master Elite installer, we know it’s important to use the right materials.  Matching the parts of a complete roof system, to maximize warranty and create a beautiful presentation is what sets Chapman Construction apart from the competition.  Like a lock that’s only as good as the door you put it on, the components of a Chapman Roof compliment GAF shingles and our craftsmanship.

Expert Installers

Chapman Construction maintains full time and expertly trained crews.  We maintain GAF Master Elite certification, which less than 3% of roofers in the US qualify for.  It’s the difference between just getting a roof and getting the right roof that protects your home, compliments the beauty of your architecture, and protects your landscaping.

Exceptional Warranty

GAF Master Elite installers are the only roofers able to offer the industry leading Weather Stopper Plus Warranty.  This complete roofing system warranty provides peace of mind and long term benefits.  Find out why your next roof should include the Weather Stopper Plus Warranty.

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Getting information is easy and we are happy to answer any roofing, siding, gutter, or window questions you might have.  From new home construction to tear-off and installation, Chapman Construction is there to help with your Evansville roofing and home improvement needs.

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Installing a Chapman Roof

How to Repair Ventilation Roof Leaks

Evansville Roofing IconAny penetration point in your roof is considered a leak prone area and should be the first place you look when trying to locate a leak. Pipe vents are the most common type of penetration found on a roof and are from bathrooms, dryers, and some high efficient HVAC units. Each PVC pipe is typically wrapped in a boot and rubber doughnut. However, these boots can leak over the years.

Hot summers can eventually crack and tear the rubber seal around your vent pipe. These should be inspected every year, to keep you from finding out, after the fact, that you have a roof leak. In addition, when the rubber separates, water will enter your attic space and typically track down a rafter. This allows the water to enter your ceiling from a place far away from where the actual leak took place. Just because the leak is not showing up in your home directly below the vent pipe, inspect anyway, this may solve your problem.

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Home Ventilation and Your Roof

Evansville Roofing IconA new roof can provide safety and security for your home and family. However, a roof does not consist of shingles alone, but many roofing components that create a barrier to the weather, while allowing harmful elements to escape your attic and home. It’s important for any roofer to understand the components they work with, to ensure that your home’s HVAC and other ventilation is properly installed.

All roofing penetrations must be suitably removed, installed, and inspected when you receive a new roof. This includes common pvc vents, furnace flues, and chimneys that must all be either replaced or repaired. When having a new roof installed, confirm with the contractor that the vent boots are being replaced and properly sealed. For furnace flues, make sure the roofing contractor understands the components they are working with, to allow the proper ventilation of harmful gasses. And for chimneys, confirm that the flashing will be replaced for tear-offs, with new install of step and counter flashing.

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Saving Landscapes While Roofing

Chapman Construction is always focused on providing the best customer experience.  Sometimes this means offering upgraded materials, offering education on different roofing components, providing industry leading warranties, and other times it’s using the latest technology.  For example, we are able to protect your home and landscaping with a piece of equipment called, The Equipter.

This rolling dumpster allows us to drive right up to your home and lift the carriage directly to your roof.  With this access we are able to catch old shingles during tear off, protecting the landscaping below.  It also provides us with an opportunity to lift materials quickly and safely to the roof line.

Thanks to the Equipter, we are also able to drive the old roofing to the street for easy disposal into a dumpster.  Thanks to the hydraulics and gas powered mobility, we can minimize the risk of debris left in yards and reduce the risk of nails being left behind.  It’s just one more reason why Chapman Construction has positioned itself as a leader in roofing, covering Evansville, Henderson, and Owensboro.  To get started on your next roofing project, give us a call at 812-760-7126.  Estimates are free and we do our best to provide an experience our customers deserve, from start to finish.

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